Thursday, April 4, 2013

What?! There is such a thing as "Candle Care"?!

When people come over to my home they always comment on how perfectly my candles look even if they are burned almost to the bottom.  First reason of course is that they are Gold Canyon candles and due to the high quality nature of the product do burn better than other brands out there.  But what shocks most people is that I actually use a process called "candle care".  I have had many people ask me to write about candle care so here it goes. 

What is candle care?  Well it is a two-step process process involving two very important tools that are necessary in maintaining your candle...

The first step I do before lighting any of my candles is to use my wick trimmer.  This is an amazing tool to trim your wick to the perfect height of 1/4".  In addition, trimming the wick removes any built up black burnt wick that gone untrimmed causes the candle jar to turn black and have black smoke rising from the candle when burning.

The second step I do is to extinguish the candle.  I use a tool called the wick dipper.  This tool prevents the plume of smoke from blowing out a candle flame.  It also re-coats the wick with a fresh layer of wax which extends the life of your candle.

There you have it!  My candle care secret is out. 

Have a SCENTacular day and don't forget to take good care of your Gold Canyon candles! 

Don't have your candle care tools?  Don't worry, you can pick them up from me.  Email me or visit my website to get yours today. 

Your favorite candle lady,

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